Triangles in Roman Polanski’s Knife in the Water

A brief visual essay on composition in Roman Polanski’s first feature film, Knife in the Water.

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Three Colours: Red – fraternity and romance

title - red

Three Colours: Red (Trois couleurs: Rouge) made in 1994 is the third film in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Three Colours Trilogy’. The trilogy discusses the French Republic’s three themes of: liberty, equality and fraternity, with Red focussing on fraternity.

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Kenneth Johnson’s V – Juliet Parrish and freedom fighters.

V is a two-part American science fiction television film, written, produced and directed by Kenneth Johnson for initial broadcast in 1983. For some, V is of purely nostalgic interest with its science fiction and horror clichés and all too clear allegories. For others, it remains a science fiction treasure with a resonating influence for its lead female character Juliet Parrish (played by Faye Grant, below) and deep, sometimes brave, moralism.

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