Finding ourselves in Kôji Fukada’s Au revoir l’été



Kôji Fukada‘s Au revoir l’été is a sensuous coming-of-age film describing the tension between adolescence and adulthood. There’s also tension between the film’s two titles, the French Au revoir l’été (‘Goodbye Summer’) is romantic, but the Japanese Hotori no Sakuko (‘Sakuko on the Margin’) hints at the subtle subversions ahead.

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Three Colours: Red – fraternity and romance

title - red

Three Colours: Red (Trois couleurs: Rouge) made in 1994 is the third film in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Three Colours Trilogy’. The trilogy discusses the French Republic’s three themes of: liberty, equality and fraternity, with Red focussing on fraternity.

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Kenneth Johnson’s V – Juliet Parrish and freedom fighters

V is a two-part American science fiction television film, written, produced and directed by Kenneth Johnson for initial broadcast in 1983. For some, V is of purely nostalgic interest with its science fiction and horror clichés and all too clear allegories. For others, it remains a science fiction treasure with a resonating influence for its lead female character Juliet Parrish (played by Faye Grant, below) and deep, sometimes brave, moralism.

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