Three Colours: White – equality and comedy

title - white

Three Colours: White (Trois couleurs: Blanc) made in 1994 is the second film in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Three Colours Trilogy’. The trilogy discusses the French Republic’s three themes of: liberty, equality and fraternity, with White focussing on equality.

I’ve covered the trilogy’s other films: Blue, and Red in separate blog posts.

white - equality

Theme: equality. And the related themes of symmetry, and revenge. On his return to Poland, Karol (Zbigniew Zamachowski) finds equality with his business partners as he rises through the financial ranks, and with his dear friend Mikołaj who he asks to repay—after a fashion—a solemn favour. This favour sets up Karol’s symmetrical revenge.

Before Karol leaves for Poland he is subject to a foreign country’s legal system being unable to speak the language, a fate which later befalls his ex-wife Dominique (Julie Delpy). Dominique’s journey through the legal system describes her worse fate, as Karol suffered unrequited love for her, she now suffers yearning for an impossible love for him.

white - comedy

Interpretation: comedy. The film has many comedic moments: overt, slapstick, subtle, and dark. The final frame above cements Karol and Mikołaj’s deep friendship, quite a second chance.

white - colour

Colour: white. The film is beautifully photographed by Edward Kłosiński.

trilogy - tech

Linked: technology. The trilogy shows many technologies which, while not nascent in the early 1990s, are just coming of age. Small screened LCD televisions never entered the mainstream until advanced cellular telephones, ATM machines continue to intimidate us in the mainstream, and more of us than care to admit may miss the compact disc’s physicality—the height of mainstream tangible music. Certainly the listening booths offer a simultaneously communal and private sampling process we are romantic for.

Reference: Three Colours: White – Wikipedia

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