Three Colours: Red – fraternity and romance

title - red

Three Colours: Red (Trois couleurs: Rouge) made in 1994 is the third film in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Three Colours Trilogy’. The trilogy discusses the French Republic’s three themes of: liberty, equality and fraternity, with Red focussing on fraternity.

I’ve covered the trilogy’s other films: Blue, and White in separate blog posts.

red - fraternity

Theme: fraternity. Valentine’s (Irène Jacob) least complicated but not least substantial friendship is with beautiful German Shepherd Rita. Rita is also the companion of Joseph who forms Valentine’s most complicated and least obvious friendship. He sees in her a lost love, she sees in him a man, if not externally perceived, internally defined by this lost love.

red - romance

Interpretation: romance. The film describes three interlocking romances, the unspoken romance between the young man and the young woman is interesting but seemingly inconsequential to the main story until it locks together the two protagonists’ separate stories through space and time. Joseph’s aforementioned lost romance, Valentine’s perhaps not yet found romance.

red - colour

Colour: red. The film is beautifully photographed by Piotr Sobociński. A different cinematogrpher for each film in the trilogy.

trilogy - tears

Linked: release. Each film in the trilogy ends with the protagonist’s tears. In Blue, Julie gains full emotional liberty by gaining the liberty to feel. In White, Karol gets his equality in a revengeful manner, but his tears may betray awareness of his actions’ consequences. In Red, Joseph’s tears are for Valentine’s second chance, and a recollection of his missed chance.

Reference: Three Colours: Red – Wikipedia

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