Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence – faith and fatalism


The Silence (Tystnaden) made in 1963 is the third film in Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Silence of God’ trilogy. The film discusses similar themes of: faith, certainty and reduction to the trilogy’s other films: Through a Glass Darkly, and Winter Light.

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Kenneth Johnson’s V – Juliet Parrish and freedom fighters

V is a two-part American science fiction television film, written, produced and directed by Kenneth Johnson for initial broadcast in 1983. For some, V is of purely nostalgic interest with its science fiction and horror clichés and all too clear allegories. For others, it remains a science fiction treasure with a resonating influence for its lead female character Juliet Parrish (played by Faye Grant, below) and deep, sometimes brave, moralism.

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Confrontation in Ingmar Bergman’s Summer with Monika

Summer with Monkia is an Ingmar Bergman film made relatively early in his career. The film is famous as one of the director’s most influential works, and also for its controversial for the time casual nudity. Bergman tells the story of two teenagers who together temporarily escape the constraints of their mundane working lives.


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