Leos Carax’s muses

Actor Denis Lavant is most closely associated with filmmaker Leos Carax, but Denis doesn’t have exclusive access to Leos’s affections. Here’s a small collection of frame grabs I made while watching Carax’s films.


The shots above are from the documentary Mr. X for a scene to be used in The Night is Young. The subtitles beautifully narrate the relationship between filmmaker and actor, Juliette Binoche.


Also from The Night is Young, contrasting reactions between Julie Delpy and Denis Lavant sharing a tender moment.


Denis Lavant’s Boy Meets Mireille Perrier’s Girl in Leos Carax’s first feature length film, Boy Meets Girl. We can perhaps see nods to Ingmar Bergman as well as the French New Wave.

Reference: Leos Carax – Wikipedia


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