The life of the actor Carol White


I recently re-watched Jeremy Sandford and Ken Loach’s groundbreaking 1966 television play Cathy Come Home, which charts the emotional and social decline of the homeless eponymous character movingly played by Carol White. The play for the first time informed the wider public of many people in her situation.

It’s worth remembering White’s real life:

During the late 1960s, White was considered one of the most promising actresses in British cinema. Her problems with alcoholism and substance abuse, as well as unhappy relationships with male stars such as Richard Burton, Frank Sinatra, Oliver Reed and Paul Burke, hindered her career.

White died in 1991 in Florida, at the age of 48. The cause of her death is disputed, with some sources claiming she took a drug overdose and others suggesting she succumbed to liver disease. She had two sons from her first marriage.

Sadly, in a broad non situational way, White’s life mirrored the life of the character for which she remains most famous.

Reference: Carol White – Wikipedia, Cathy Come Home – Wikipedia


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