Abbas Kiarostami’s conversations in car(riage)s

Writing my blog post on Abbas Kiarostami’s Like Someone In Love concerning his superb utilisation of conversation in film made me think of some of his previous films involving these conversations in transportation.


Mania Akbari in Ten (2002). It was difficult for me to select a frame to grab as the film’s narrative is structured around Akbari’s character’s—over and above the call of duty—deep interest in each of her passengers as if her work required this, tantalisingly as it may have done. Her equal treatment of and respect for her passengers, or subjects, despite their varied life choices is the film’s consistent theme.


Silvana De Santis in Tickets (2005). De Santis was magnificently stubborn in this performance, a rather one sided conversationalist barking orders at her only initially submissive companion. Her need for a two sided conversation kicked in too late leaving her alone, leaving us to wonder if many of her relationships had ended in this manner.


Juliette Binoche in Certified Copy (2010). Binoche, and William Shimell’s deep combative marital conversations reminded me of Asghar Farhadi’s films more than any other of Kiarostami’s films. This initial conversation in a car a prelude to the forthcoming slow revealing state change. I love Juliette Binoche, like any right minded person!


Rin Takanashi in Like Someone In Love (2012). Of Takanashi’s three conversations in cars in this film, this was the least substantive but I found the most notable as it showed Kiarostami can be powerful without this substantive dialogue he’s famous for. Takanashi’s simple request to her driver was all that was needed to set up and allow us to share her wistful look to her grandmother.

Reference: Ten, Tickets, Certified Copy, Like Someone In Love


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